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St. Petersburg
I work in the Enterprise IT Solutions industry as a sales consultant. I have 20+ years of computer distribution and solution sales. Recently I created a side income as a distributor for organic products -- I have several local retail B2B clients, and a couple specific websites I own that are providing e-commerce sales.

We are in talks with an investment firm and look forward to growing slowly and sensibly, with legacy knowledge providing the core business structure, and acquired knowledge along the way helping grow a virtual and resilient business. We are cash strong, no debt and turn inventory every 30-45 days.

Next steps for the business is a huge leap into the market with VC providing initial funds and LOC to expand with websales, sales force, marketing strongly across several mediums, operating funds, etc...

Local B2B growth and sales indicators, as well as several months of website testing, market testing, and industry growth all provide solid futures to invest into.