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Chima Nwala

Founder / CEO
Tampa, FL
►PODBUM®, a private label boutique music Application (App), allows artists to disrupt the Jurassic music industry and unlock hidden value to music fans everywhere! PODBUM® App is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

I am the founder of PODBUM® - The World's First Direct To Fans Record Label. I believe the music business model is Jurassic and ripe for disruption. $1Bn in revenues? I see more upside potential. Do you? Let's talk some more about PODBUM®. Follow us on Twitter @PODBUM®.

Social Media is disrupting everything. From Taylor Swift to Jay Z, artists more than ever want to take control of their brand. PODBUM® Disruptive Services Inc addresses that pain point by providing actionable business intelligence for up-to-the-minute command and control to artists, advertisers and stakeholders. Join the conversation on Twitter @PODBUM® Disruptive Services Inc
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