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Tracy Ingram

Intention Technology
Tampa, Florida
Tracy Ingram has over 10 years experience in Bioinformatics and has imported technology from all over the world, specializing in data acquisition and pattern recognition from microdata. As former Director of Research for a military contractor, he worked on developing adaptive technologies for real-time data acquisition during medical procedures. Tracy’s current medical startup Bioscanr is developing predictive algorithms to detect and predict ailments using continuous real time monitoring technology. Tracy is also a TEDx speaker and cofounder of Health Camp Florida, an organization focused on identifying breakthrough medical technologies. As part of the Qualcomm Tricorder Xprize he was able to work directly with the FDA to discuss new technologies and the impact they would have on the FDA registration process. His background and expertise also includes extensive experience in SEO and inbound marketing. Helping local companies fill seats in their seminars, achieve top local marketing positions on the front page of Google for clients.

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