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Bill Bensing

Chief Thought Officer
It’s not the coffee, that’s just him...

Bill Bensing is one of those people who has a naturally-caffeinated drive, endless curiosities, and an inability to focus, who somehow turned these traits into a successful career in technology. His claims-to-fame are numerous, such as semi-ok YouTube videos about “the Cloud”, building prescriptive analytic software for a Fortune 50 company, developing cloud-native platforms, sparring with NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, and speaking at events like The Gartner Innovation Summit. Bill believes everyone should have the same opportunity to build freaking-amazing technology. He helps others by mentoring, engineering, and speaking about the strategies & tactics which give you awesome opportunities to succeed with your tech products. Bill’s current passion is leveraging machine learning, linguistic & sentiment analysis, and open source frameworks to build products which enhance how we interact with our family, friends, and neighbors.