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Felice Flake

ScySec LLC
Founder & CEO
Tampa Bay Area

Felice Flake, Candidate, MBA, MSci, B.A., Sec+CE, is a highly sought after and proven leader in the security field. As founder and CEO of ScySec, Felice’s extensive experience in both the government and private sectors proves to be a benefit for her clients. Her professional experience includes management and leadership roles, project management, instructional design, and courseware development. Felice’s expertise and credentials coupled with her passion for her profession and community supported her evolution into founding her firm, ScySec.

Felice’s career began in customer service and insurance licensing where she was quickly worked her way up into supervisory and management roles. Felice then worked in the travel industry where she was quickly promoted to another supervisory position with the corporate travel agency. Under her leadership, the department experienced an astounding increase in productivity recognized by the organizational leadership. Felice was promoted to a corporate training position where she translated her passion for customer service and technical expertise into proprietary software training classes along with soft skills training classes. Felice worked as a Microsoft instructor for a private training provider where a national telecom client requested Felice be the lead trainer for their corporate-wide operating system migration. She was offered and accepted a position as Training Manager with Kerzner International which provided her the opportunity to work with an international team of professionals.

She accepted a position as Training Specialist with the Florida Army National Guard Distributed Learning Program; she was promoted to the State Program Manager after one year in the Specialist position. The years spent in this role ignited a passion for security and built on her experience with information technology. Felice was self-motivated to learn as much as she could about securing her program’s assets and elevating the professionalism of the program. She oversaw numerous successful statewide technical deployments and delivered these projects in advance of suspense dates. Her work with the information technology and information assurance teams was recognized several times by the chain of command in her area and among statewide leaders. The Florida Army National Guard Distributed Learning Program evolved into a nationally recognized success, and Felice served as a mentor to other state Program Managers.  Felice’s efforts were recognized nationally by leadership in the Washington, D.C. area as she provided state and national level reporting to all levels of command. She was selected as a member of 2014 National Guard Bureau Training Integration Systems Working Group to revise and rewrite the Functional Requirements Document for the National Distributed Learning Program. During her tenure in the Program Manager position, Felice was selected as National Secretary for Distributed Learning Advisory Council (DLAC) and also served in the capacity of Acting National Chairperson of the DLAC Working Group.

She is a contributing author to the 2016 book, Women in Security, writing about information security, information technology, and cybersecurity. She also wrote the chapter on “Women in Supervisory Roles.” She has recently established the first Peerlyst Meetup group in the state of Florida. Felice is the President of the Tampa Bay Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Chapter for the 2017-2019 term. She also serves as Chief Technology Officer for the Next Gen Cyber Foundation and is leading several projects supporting minorities on an international scale to join the cybersecurity profession. Felice is a member of the National CyberWatch Center's Curriculum Standards Panel (NCC-CSP) for the Cybersecurity Foundation Series, in the current Information Security Fundamentals (ISF) Standards Panel. She will be a speaker at the 2018 Tampa (ISC)2 B-Sides event and is also speaking at the 2018 WiCyS (Women in Cybersecurity Conference) Conference.

She is a member of several organizations including AFCEA, ASIS International, and International Consortium of Cybersecurity Minority Professionals (ICMCP). Felice is also a member of ISACA, IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals), and (ISC)2 Tampa Chapter, Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), PMI (Project Management Institute),  and Women in Defense (Orlando and Tampa Chapters).

Please contact Felice at felice.flake@scysecllc.com or (813) 644-9317.