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Amy Hua

My largest passions are in data, mapping, engineering, information architecture, operational strategy, teaching, tech, people, and entrepreneurship. I have an inventor persona where I’ve generally been a change agent across former roles. I think I’m good at helping people think differently about issues they’ve been staring at for a while.

Personally and professionally, I commit to Principles for living true and seeing things accurately behind everything I do and owe much of my personal success to them. I’m excited about the journey I’ve built to successfully enter venture-making, every step of the way.

- 4 years of immersion in software engineering, data, analytics, data visualization / storytelling, and the mapping data space, along with
- Operational/problem solving chops and stories in how I used logical thinking to tackle and identify complicated problems, designed architectural solutions for thinking of the same problems differently, taught kids to adults to become software developers (proud of this one), wrote some kickass docs and done some awesome presentations, and delivering my point of view with clarity and logical appeal, given a natural acumen for business and seeing things clearly. I have a results-driven mindset.
- Fueled by experience at 3 past data startups — having done so much behind a number of boring titles — and a library of past learnings and observations, I am ready to found my own data-driven company now.
- I believe in the potential of data to uplift social and human life.

"Make no enemies."