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Jeffrey Dowd

My name is Jeffrey Dowd and I moved to Tampa in 1996 with my wife after graduating from law school. We moved to Valrico in 1999 where we still with our 2 kids who are both in high school and getting ready for college.
I graduated from SUNY College at Buffalo in 1992 with a BS in Business Studies and graduated from the University of Akron School of Law in 1996 where I focused my studies on business law. I have practiced business law and estate planning for the past 21 years, and opened my first practice in 2002. In addition to my practice of law, I have managed and developed a number of businesses, including a successful retail franchise model for a manufacturing company.
I have represented thousands of small businesses over the past 21 years, advising and counseling on a wide range of legal matters. As a solo practitioner representing small businesses I have seen just about everything a small business can go through, which has caused me to become proficient in many areas of business law. Every aspect of a business touches the law, resulting in a lot of sub-specialties under business law, such as employment law, workers compensation, corporate law, commercial law, corporate and business taxation, mergers and acquisitions, contract law, commercial landlord tenant law, etc….
At Dowd Law, we are able to handle just about everything that a small business or small business owners will face; from shareholder disputes, partnership disputes and business disputes to incorporation’s and limited liability companies. My goal is to be able to provide my clients with all of their businesses legal needs, and to provide them with straight-forward commonsense advice to help them make the best possible business decision.