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Jonathan Gordan

Stage 1 Ventures
Managing Director
Jonathan Gordon and his company Stage 1 Ventures invest in early stage technology companies.  Mr. Gordon uses investment strategies that draw upon his more than 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive, and investor.  The main goal of his organization is to identify, develop, and help grow tomorrows leading technology-based companies.

Mr. Gordon’s latest project is a new fund that is focused on investing only in Tampa Bay Wave based startup companies.

Mr. Gordon has been at the forefront of many historic market and technology changes in the global high tech economy.  For example, Mr. Gordon’s companies have worked on many diverse projects ranging from embedding graphic software onto the original IBM PC to creating the PC compatible market with the Phoenix Technologies BIOS when personal computing was in its infancy.  One of his organizations, EndPoints, Inc. was an early leader in the development of technology to allow the integration of imaging chips into cell phone.  This came at a time when people were quizzical as to the need to use a camera on a cell phone.

During Mr. Gordon’s career, he has seen technology progress from an analog world through work at Tektronix, Inc. the completely digital experience we now see.   Mr. Gordon’s success is directly attributable to his deep appreciation of how change affects new market opportunities.  Moreover, he understands the importance of building solid IP and technology strategies as well as how to monetize these approaches through a variety of business models.

Mr. Gordon’s passion is to foster the development of great ideas and facilitate their transformation into leading edge technology companies.  Additionally, he welcomes the opportunity to work with creative and talented people as they navigate through the innovation and marketing process on the way to success.