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Jorge Brea

Jorge is the CEO of Symphonic Distribution, one of the leading independent partners for digital music distribution services to stores such as iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Spotify and more. Because Jorge Brea wasn't backed by a big record label a decade ago when he was a DJ and producer, he was having trouble getting his music out. So in 2006, with no venture capital or outside funding, he started a company at his parents' house in Tampa, FL that would make it easier for him and his peers to get heard. The days of this small startup are long gone, however. Today the company has distributed over 500,000 releases of over 11,000 record labels and 150,000 artists around the globe and paid out over 11 million in royalties. The company has employees in Tampa, Florida, Brooklyn, New York, Madrid, Spain and has representatives in the Dominican Republic, and Colombia.