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My story first started really before I took my first breath. Growing up with a milk bucket in one hand and with the other a shovel. But it wasn't like this just happened out of the blue, but actually through decades of family involvement within the food industry more specifically Livestock Farming and Plant Nurseries.  As time went on, graduating form high-school and soon attending University of Florida, I developed awareness of the entire picture of how food is raised to when it reaches our mouths. So I jumped into the Nutrition Program with the goal of one-day becoming a Medical Doctor with homeopathic emphasis. As my studies went I developed a large understanding from within restaurants, nutrition and health studies, doctors, pa's, and dietitians. Then soon enough I graduated and with still becoming a doctor I started studying for the MCAT. After about 3 months after graduating I decided I need a passive income to support my soon large medical school loans. So since I already meal prepped I asked myself why don't turn this into a business and that's just what I did. And that's when UFit Meals a prescribed Meal Delivery service was born. Food targeted to the consumer from a very basic overview to soon an advance overlay of genetics. After 2 years in business the company rebranded to CATI, a idea that would represent a culture that represents all facets within the health and wellness industry.


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Wednesday, February 14